Your first class things you should know

Your first session

First things first

When you have booked your first class, make sure you arrive 15 – 20 minutes before it starts – to give us time to complete your registration, and to give you a tour of the studio. The first class is not free, make sure to book a class and decide on pricing options when you arrive to the studio.

Attire and equipment

Wear something comfortable. You are completely free to choose what you want to wear, but keep in mind that it is going to be hot and you are going to sweat. You can either bring your own mat and towel or rent them at the studio. Please see our pricing page for further information.

Food and water

You should try to have your stomach as empty as possible. We recommend not eating for at least two hours before your class. 

Drink water! Have small sips of water frequently during the day before and after the class. You can also bring your water bottle inside the class room but we do not recommend drinking water during the session.

Listen to your body

During the practice, take as many breaks as you want – but do not leave the room. As a rule at Hot Yoga Copenhagen, the instructor will have to stop the class and leave the room with the student.

Studio etiquette
  • Please arrive in time. Not too early, not too late. We open the door half an hour before the start of class and lock the door 5 minutes before beginning.
  • Avoid strong smells like perfumes, chemicals, cigarette, etc.
  • Please keep calm and quiet inside the yoga hall. Do not speak to each other. Open and close your mat & the doors quietly.
  • Stay in the room throughout the session. Please do not leave the room during the session since it distracts the teacher and the class. If you feel the practice is too hard or too hot, just lay down on your back and wait until the end of class.
  • Take quick showers. Do not wash your clothes & mat in the shower.

Hot Yoga City

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