Self Investment

Affordable Exclusivity

We offer different types of memberships: Try Outs, Clip Cards, Unlimited Packages and Monthly Auto-Pay Memberships (see full list below). You can pick your membership of choice in our new webshop.

When you have a membership with us you can login with your membership ID and password on our class schedules and book a class there.

Get Your All Studios Membership

We have 3 locations now!

HYC’s NEW Webshop

Membership Options

Try First

Trial period before you commit

DROP-IN 275,- kr

A single session includes 1 mat and 2 towels

If after trying a drop-in class, you decide to become a member the amount paid for drop-in will be deducted from your chosen membership.

7 consecutive days

7 days Kick Start 580,- kr
30 days Kick Start 1160,- kr

Clip cards

Good for occasional visitors

5 clips (2 month) 885,- kr
10 clips (4 months) 1.500,- kr
30 clips (8 months) 3750,- kr
60 clips (12 months) 7100,- kr
  • Validity period starts from first booking
  • The period can extend (100kr/month fee)
  • Clip cards are personal

Unlimited Packages

Non-binding – No registration fee

3 months unlimited 2100,- kr
6 months unlimited 3900,- kr
12 months unlimited 7200,- kr


3 months unlimited PREMIUM 2400,- kr

Monthly Auto-Pay Memberships

Non-binding – Pay as you practice

Once you’ve paid for your month-to-month plan, you can book a class using our class calendar


  • Good for regulars
  • All hours & Locations
  • Reg fee 330,-
4 classes/month-BASIC 580,-kr per month
8 classes/month-BASIC 630,-kr per month
12 classes/month 730,-kr per month
Unlimited-BASIC 830,-kr per month


  • Good for regulars
  • All hours & Locations
  • Included each visit:
    1 mat + 2 towels
  • Reg fee 330,-
4 classes/month-PREMIUM 630,-kr per month
8 classes/month-PREMIUM 730,-kr per month
12 classes/month-PREMIUM 830,-kr per month
Unlimited-PREMIUM 930,-kr per month


  • All hours & locations
  • Reg fee 165,-
4 classes/month-Student 330,-kr per month
8 classes/month 430,-kr per month
12 classes/month-Student 580,-kr per month
Unlimited-Student 630,-kr per month


  • All hours & locations
  • Tax deductable
  • MAT & TOWELS included each visit
  • Laundry service for clothes
  • Saunagus included
  • No booking needed (subject to space availability)
  • Reg fee: 330,- kr
8 classes/month-Business 830,-kr per month
12 classes/month-Business 930,-kr per month
Unlimited-Business 1030,-kr per month

Add-On to Any Type of Memberships

Mat space rental:

  • 100,-kr/month

If you choose the 12 classes/month & Unlimited memberships, you will be given a mat space at your prefered studio to store your own mat.

Terms & Conditions

Change / Pause / Cancel

Write a request to

Fee: 89,-kr

1 month + days of running month

Pause for 1-3 months

Memberships are personal

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