Terms & Conditions Read carefully

Practical information 

Please Book in Advance

There are two ways of booking a class: 

  • use our app “Hot Yoga Copenhagen” for iPhone or Android to book on mobile (recommended)

  • click “BOOK” in the studio schedule – pick your location here – and create a profile as instructed.

Arrive in good time: Not too early – not too late.

The front door opens half an hour before the class and locks 5 minutes before the class. Your place will be given to those on the waiting-list.

The priority in the waiting list is with members and clip card holders.

Late cancellation & booking/no show policy:

  • Booking is mandatory
  • Cancel your class no later than 3 hours before the class starting time to avoid the 50,- kr late fee.
  • Your clip or weekly session will not be used in case of late cancellation/no show up
  • The booking window will be closed 3 hours before the class. Members can still show up to the class without booking. A fee of 25,- will be applied when showing up without a booking.

This rule applies only to auto-pay members and clip card holders. The fees will be taken directly from your credit/debit card stored in our system or you will be asked to pay on your next visit.

First timers

Book a class as described above – arrive 20 minutes before the class to do the registration and get a tour around the studio. Find more information on our “Your First Class” page. Please note that the first class is not free, but you will have a chance to pay in person at our studio.

“DOWNTOWN.DK” voucher

  1. You must pay a registration fee of 35,- kr before you arrive to the studio. Pay Online Here

  2. Book your first class as described above.

  3. Your deal period will start from the first class you book regardless if you show up to the class or not.

  4. Bring own mat/towels or rent/buy at the studio.

  5. With Downtown vouchers you can practice maximum 1 class/day.

Use our app to book, see schedules and stay up-to-date: 

Studio etiquette
  • Please arrive in time. Not too early, not too late. We open the door half an hour before the class and lock the door 5 minutes before beginning.
  • Avoid strong smells like perfumes, chemicals, cigarette, etc.
  • Please keep calm and quiet inside the yoga hall. Do not speak to each other. Open and close your mat & the doors quietly.
  • Stay in the room throughout the session. Please do not leave the room during the session since it distracts the teacher and the class. If you feel the practice is too hard or too hot, just lay down on your back and wait until the end of class.
  • Take quick showers. Do not wash your clothes & mat in the shower.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us

tel: 1234 5678
email: info@hotyogacph.dk

Hot Yoga City

Badstuestræde 11-13

DK-1209-K Copenhagen