Self Investment Affordable exclusivity

Try first

Trial period before you commit

A single session includes 1 mat and 2 towels

If after trying a drop-in class, you decide to become a member the amount paid for drop-in will be deducted

14 or 30 consecutive days

Clip cards

Good for occasional visitors

Validity period starts from first booking

  The period can extend (100kr/month fee)

Clip cards are personal

Monthly Auto-pay Memberships Non-binding - Pay as you practice

Book a class & buy in studio


Good for regulars

All hours & Locations

reg fee 330,-

1 class per week

480,-kr per month

2 classes per week

580,-kr per month

3 classes per week

680,-kr per month


780,-kr per month


08:00-15:00 classes on weekdays

09:00 class on weekends

Reg fee 330,- All locations

1 class per week

300,-kr per month

2 classes per week

400,-kr per month

3 classes per week

500,-kr per month


600,-kr per month


All hours & locations

Reg fee 165,-

1 class per week

280,-kr per month

2 classes per week

380,-kr per month

3 classes per week

480,-kr per month


580,-kr per month

Terms & Conditions

Change / Pause / Cancel

Write a request to Fee: 89,-kr

1 month + 10 days before change date

Pause for 1-3 months

Memberships are personal

Premium Memberships

1 mat + 2 towels on each visit

Fee 100,-kr/month extra

Mat space rental: 75,-kr/month

Hot Yoga City

Badstuestræde 11-13

DK-1209-K Copenhagen