Hot Yoga Festival

November 8-10 / 2019

Welcome to the third Hot Yoga Festival, a weekend of fun and inspiration with yoga workshops taught by masters, hot & warm yoga classes, Saunagus sessions & Saunagus training, music & celebration.

The Festival starts from 7am on Friday November 8th until Sunday evening November 10th. You are free to choose any classes/workshops/sessions you desire using our app. The festival takes place at our Flintholm studio location. The studio will be divided in three sections: Yoga hall, Sauna and Lounge.

The classes and workshops are designed for all levels. You can read the description of each event on the schedule below.

Teachers & Presenters

More info coming soon!


Price: 375,-

  • All workshops & classes over 3 days
  • Bio-organic snacks, juices & food
  • Special discount on products & services
  • Full access to the Sauna and Saunagus sessions
  • Tickets are non-refundable
  • Purchases exclude mat & towels
  • E-mail or call 53881209 for questions
Ticket for 1 Yoga workshop only: 175 kr
Full Package Ticket 375 kr (60 tickets available)

The Program & Booking (booking opens Nov 1st)


  • You need a yoga mat, practice towels and shower towels. For every class, a fresh practice towel is mandatory.
  • Mat and towels can be rented or bought at the studio. Clothing for yoga should be good for sweating. For sauna, swimsuits are recommended.
  • If you have never been to our studio before, arrive 20-30 minutes before your first class for registration.
  • Booking is mandatory: Book/Cancel your classes at least 3 hours ahead of time. Late booking/late cancellation/no show up fee: 50,- kr charged automatically.
  • Participant is responsible for own items.
  • Participant is responsible for own health.

Pictures from the last Festival in February 2018