Hot Lounge

Hot Lounge is a new concept hosted by Hot Yoga Copenhagen where sweat and party create a combination of energetic vibe in a heated environment.

It’s a party, an alternative one. You can expect to use your body in every direction and will be surprised at how much you can actually sweat. Themed parties consist of yoga and other physical exercise followed by an afterparty! The theme for Hot Lounge changes time to time. Follow our social media outlets & our website to stay updated on Hot Lounge themes & locations. 

Hot Lounge

Beer Yoga + Live Dj + Afterparty (SOLD OUT)

Friday the 3rd of February at 20:00

Price 199,- Buy ticket here

– Bring 2-3 bottles of beers. (only bottles)

Laughter Yoga + Improv Comedy

Friday the 3rd of March at 20:00

Price 199,- Buy ticket here

  • Be prepared to sweat a lot:

    – Drink loads of water during the day
    – Bring yoga mat and practice towel or rent one at the studio
    – Bring towel for shower afterward or rent one at the studio
    – Bring light food/snacks/drinks to share with others afterward

    Music & Culture

    There will be live music, and occasional theater, dance and other performances at most Hot Lounge events.

    What to wear?

    As little as possible (you’re gonna sweat a lot). Some events might require costumes, but mostly it is up to you what and how much you want to wear.

    What to bring for food/snack?

    The food or snacks that you bring must be either vegetarian or preferably vegan.

    Other useful information:

    – Please let your session leader know about your possible serious injuries.

    – Those with asthma and heart problems must consult Hot Yoga Copenhagen before purchasing a ticket.

    – Each person must buy own ticket separately

    -You may not resell your ticket

    – We do not have lockers at the studio. Hot Yoga Copenhagen will not take responsibility of loss of valuable items.

    – There is no refund after the purchase of your ticket wether you show up to the event or not.

    – Arrive in good time. Doors will be locked 15 minutes before the event starts.