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Medlemskabsbetingelser og vilkår

Most recent update: April 2019

These Terms and Conditions apply to all members of Hot Yoga Copenhagen Aps, CVR-number 39610248 (“HYC”).

General information

Upon activating a membership at HYC, the member (hereinafter referred to as “you”) accepts these Terms and Conditions. You also accept HYCs rules and the applicable Privacy Policy that can be found further below and on our website. You likewise give your consent to HYC sending you service e-mails for informing you of changes to your membership etc.

1. Personal data

Upon activation of a membership at HYC, you will on registration be required to provide your full name, address, email address, birthday, gender and telephone number.

HYC will on occasion take video/photographs of the yoga classes for marketing use. This will always be informed before the class and you have the right to not be a part of the photos/videos.

Information about changes to your membership, invoicing and case handling will as a rule be sent to the email address you have given HYC upon registration. If you do not provide a valid email address on registration, HYC reserves the right to reject your application for membership at HYC.

2. Misuse

Your membership is personal and non-transferable. Misuse of a membership and/or membership card will incur a fee according to applicable rates and will cause an immediate termination of the membership.

3. Contact details

HYC takes measures to ensure that HYC stays up to date with your contact details, including your address, email address and telephone number. We update your contact details when we are in contact with you at the gym or through our membership service.
HYC also encourages you to update your personal details if they should change. You can update your personal details by contacting HYC or the HYC membership service.

4. Memberships

A list of HYCs current memberships can be found at https://

5. Refund policy

Please note that after purchase you might change your mind, but there will be no refund after purchase. In case of any questions, you are welcome to contact

6. Membership card

You must bring along and register your membership card before you start the class. If you should lose or damage your membership card, you must immediately notify HYC of such a loss or damage. HYC will issue a new card for the applicable standard price of a membership card.

7. Duration

Memberships are recurring memberships and only expire when terminated according to Section 13 below.
Periodic memberships expire automatically at the end of the period for which payment has been made. A new periodic membership may subsequently be purchased at the applicable standard price.

8. Payment

Memberships are auto-pay and payments are withdrawn automatically on the first day of every month.
When activating a periodic membership you pay in advance for the entire membership period.

9. Late payment

If you do not pay your monthly membership fee on time, HYC will send you a reminder. A fee will be applied. If you do not pay within ten (10) days of the due date, HYC will be entitled to terminate the membership without further notice. HYC reserves the right immediately to demand payment for the remaining part of the membership period. Your membership card will be blocked until payment of all outstanding balances owed to HYC has been made.

10. Price changes

You will be informed of price changes by email sent to the email address you have provided, cf. Section 2. You will be notified of price changes within 45 days of the price changes becoming effective. Price changes will also be published on our website. If you do not subsequently wish to maintain your membership because of the price changes, you are entitled to terminate your membership according to Section 13.

11. General information about pausing periods

You may pause your membership at any time with a notice period of current month + one (1) month, by sending and email with your request to

You may pause your membership as often as you wish, but for a maximum of three consecutive months each time. Each pause period incurs a fee according to HYCʼs applicable rates.

Memberships may be paused by personal application by email to If you pause your membership after your monthly payment has been made (usually on the 1st of every month), you will be charged the next monthʼs membership payment.

12. Pausing during termination period

It is not possible to pause a membership during a termination period. If you terminate your membership, any pause will be cancelled.

13. Termination of Membership

You may terminate your membership at any time with a notice period of current month + one (1) month. You are able to terminate your membership by sending an email to HYCs membership service ( The e-mail must include your first and last name, and a statement that you wish to terminate your membership.

Your termination applies from the date HYC receives your notice of termination. If doubt should arise as to whether your membership has been terminated, you must be able to demonstrate that you have been given written notice of termination.

Termination of memberships incur a fee of 89DKK which is credited directly to the credit/debit card stored.

14. Persons under the age of 18/legally incapacitated persons

Persons under the age of 18 and other minors may only become members of HYC if a person of legal age purchases a membership for the young person/ legally incapacitated person who is under age. The person who is of age/guardian is then liable for any claims that HYC may have in relation to the membership of the minor.

15. State of health and personal injury

All members enter HYC at their own risk. You are responsible for ensuring that your health allows you to participate in activities at HYC. HYC cannot be held responsible for personal injury resulting from accidents, incorrect exercise or the action or lack of action on the part of other visitors.

16. Valuables

HYC is not liable for loss due to theft or damage to property or for theft from the studio.

17. Rules

Members are under obligation to comply with applicable membership terms and conditions, rules and instructions given by HYC staff and remember to:

  • Be respectful toward the studio and others in terms of keeping noise to a minimum level.
  • While in the yoga hall, there must be complete silence.
  • Clean up after oneself.
  • Be respectful to the studio’s properties such as rental of mat and towels, frozen towels and tea cups, etc. Please do not remove these items from the studio.
  • Breach of HYCs rules constitutes to material breach of membership and may lead to suspension and possible charges for damage to HYC property.

18. Session Cancellation

If you should be prevented from attending a class, you must cancel no later than three (3) hours prior to the scheduled starting time, you will not have to write an email letting us know about your absences as charges are automatic. Classes may be cancelled on the HYC-app.

If you

  1. do not cancel a class on time or do not show up for the class at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time
  2. do not cancel a minimum of three (3) hours prior to the scheduled starting time when you have been on a waiting list and participation has been confirmed by HYC
  3. or book a class less than three (3) hours prior to the scheduled starting time You will be charged a fee according to applicable rates which are always disclosed on our website.

Have you not shown up to a class at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time your spot in the class may be given away for a drop in or one on the waiting list.

19. Exclusion of a member

HYC is entitled to terminate any membership contract without notice. In the event of termination by HYC, all unused prepayments will be refunded. In the event of any material breach of HYCs membership terms and rules, HYC is entitled to terminate your membership with immediate effect without refunds of any kind. Material breach includes repeated lending of membership cards and racist remarks at a HYC gym, on the HYC social media pages.

20. Change to membership terms

HYC reserves the right regularly to change membership terms and conditions, fees and prices. If you do not subsequently wish to maintain your membership because of the changes, you are entitled to terminate your membership according to Section 13.

HYC is entitled to make standard operational changes to its rules, class activities, premises, equipment and opening times without prior notice.

21. Newsletters and information

You may opt into, and out of, the types of information you wish to receive from HYC and/or HYCs partners. You only receive a receipt if you opt into getting emails and notifications when creating a profile on the site or app. Lack of that option will lead to not receiving the receipt.
When setting up your membership, you consent to the types of information you wish to receive. You are entitled at any time to change your consent, or withdraw consent to information. This can be done by contacting HYC or the HYC membership service.

If you opt out on receiving information from HYC you also opt out on what could be class cancellation, changes to the schedule etc. That is not for HYC to be held accountable for.