Ananda R. Balasubramoniam

Meditation, Philosophy, Yoga Therapy & Ayurveda

Ananda was born in Kerala in south India. Growing up in a house of yoga practitioners, Ananda learned his yoga practices at an early age.

Ananda continued his studies in Diploma in Ayurvedic nursing and over 1000 hrs of training in Yoga and Yoga Therapy.

There after Ananda devoted his time in developing his self practice, yogic and ayurvedic healing centre at Varkala, Kerala. Where he’s been teaching yoga, giving yoga teachers training and healing with Ayurveda and yoga therapy for people all over the world.

Since 2013 Ananda has been sharing his knowledge and assisting people in Europe with yoga, yoga therapy and ayurveda.

It is Hot Yoga Copenhagen’s honor to have Ananda teaching at the center for a limited period of time. Therefore, the philosophy teacher for this course might be replaced.