About us we talk less - we sweat more

Be seen and care for

Yoga is for your well-being and health. Even though we offer 45 classes a week, we follow up on each student – we see your progress and possible challenges, and care for any injuries or discomfort you might experience. You should begin to really feel good and see your own progress after 3-10 classes, and we are here to help you get there. 

Our Certified, caring and competent teachers

We provide personalized training by highly qualified yoga teachers. Our teachers are here to guide you through your practice and in personal growth both physically and spiritually. They are trained not only in the practice of yoga but are also thoroughly educated in anatomy, fitness and meditation. Each of our teachers take great care to provide tailored help to each student in the class. 

standard amenities at the studio

In order to provide you with the best setting for the physical and emotional experience of yoga, we take great care in having our studio facilities provide not just the bare necessities, but also a setting that helps you relax, focus and achieve well-being. 

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Frozen Towel

An optional frozen face towel is offered to students to cool down the face and the central nervous system once a hot yoga session is over. Cold towels for all our students will be placed on the eyes and forehead area after each yoga class while laying down in Savasana (last relaxing posture).

If you like to receive this service, you need to place a hand on your belly at the end of the session so the teachers is aware that you like to have it.


Changing rooms & Showers

Our studios have changing rooms with hair dryers and shower facilities for your convenience.


We offer a comfortable and cozy lounge where you can relax and hang out with your friends.


Our sauna studio is equipped with a sauna. We offer Sauna Therapy sessions.


Herbal Tea & Organic Servings

After each yoga class you are welcome to relax with herbal tea and organic servings in our cozy lounge with other students and teachers. This helps to energize the body after exertion, re-hydrate and provide essential nutrients lost during the sweating process.

Depending on the class, the organic servings might be different. Check the schedule to know more.

Hot Yoga City

Badstuestræde 11-13

DK-1209-K Copenhagen