Hello again and welcome back! Today’s blog is about change: changing of the season, and the changing of our moods as we enter this new time of year. We have suggested a few methods to cope, along with a workshop Hot Yoga Copenhagen is organizing for you 🙂

Autumn is a time of transition. The days have begun to shorten, the air has started to cool, leaves have begun to shed their leaves in preparation for the colder climates, and a crispness in the air is present when we leave the warmth of our homes. It has become clear; summer has made its exit through the small back door. As this shift in season brings many changes, it can be tough to think that the long, bright days have gone by once again.

We tend to hold on to these joyful days of sunshine, the BBQs in the park, and the warm social gatherings making this change feel as though we are peering into a dark time ahead. The schedule begins to fill once again as colleagues and friends return from summer holiday, and we begin to wonder how we will fit it all into our days. Autumn is a time of transition.

It is during these times, these times of change, when it is most important to check in and ask how to make things a bit softer. How can we make this change a bit gentler? How can we embrace this seasonal shift in a positive light?

Let’s shift our mindsets and begin looking forward. The warm, bright season of summer may be behind us, but the season of knitted sweaters, woolen socks, and warm tea has arrived. Let’s get out the soup recipes, light some candles, and turn on the kettle. Although it may be cold outside, we can still create warmth within our bodies, within our hearts, within our minds.

Instead of regretting the items left unchecked on our summer bucket list, why don’t we make a new list of how to finish the year strong? Change our perspective from times of loss, to times of abundance, making the most of these next few months.

In order to make this transitional time more appealing, Hot Yoga Copenhagen is inviting you to a 95 minute Candlelit Yin Workshop followed by soup during the evening of Sunday October 8th. From 18.30-20.00 our very own instructor, Maiken, will be guiding us through a series of poses focusing on stimulating the lung and large intestine meridians. These meridians govern the respiratory and eliminatory functions of the body, which both Chinese medicine and Yin Yoga focus on during this time of year. We will listen to gentle music as Maiken guides our bodies and minds through ways to deal with this seasonal shift in the most positive way. We will turn our focus inwards as the dancing lights of candles and soft tunes of gentle music calm us. Our intention is to leave you soothed, refreshed and ready for this new exciting season ahead.

After the workshop, we will warm our bellies with a tasty, warm veggie soup. The workshop is free of charge for members and you can book it in our Hot Yoga Copenhagen App. Make sure to select Central as the location.

We hope to see you there and we hope you are taking this time of change with a spring in your step and warmth in your heart 🙂

With love,

Your Hot Yoga Copenhagen Team