Every few months or so we hold a 30 Day Challenge where students practice as many classes as they can throughout the month, and whoever practices 30 times within the 30 days will be entered in a raffle to win a prize. Of course, everyone loves winning contests, but there is something so much more valuable to this challenge than just winning 3 months of unlimited yoga (may be hard to believe, but I do think it’s true!)

This month our 30 Day Challenge winner goes to Nanna Nørregård-Nielsen. Nanna started practicing yoga two years ago when her sister got a membership to Hot Yoga Copenhagen and ended up becoming too busy to use it. So she passed it on to Nanna. Nanna’s mother had recently passed away so this yoga membership couldn’t have come at a better time. Through practicing yoga and really using her mind and body in such a different way for this entire month two years ago, Nanna was able to heal in so many ways.

After the membership ended, Nanna didn’t continue at the studio but when she heard about our 30 Day Challenge taking place in September, she was definitely up for it. She hadn’t been to a yoga class in over 2 years at that point, so her first class was tough to say the least. She landed on the floor during her first attempt in the balancing posture called Extended-Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose in our Hatha sequence! But that didn’t keep her from coming back. In fact, she practiced more than ever and had already completed the 30 classes in only 24 days!

Now after coming to our studio for one month, she finds the poses come much more easily and comfortably. She is actually able to stand and stretch her leg out in front of her in Extended-Hand-to-Big-Toe pose!

Unlike so many other sports she has tried, such as running and fitness classes, yoga is something she looks forward to, something that she feels present in, not wondering when the class will be over with. It suits her to practice something that makes her ‘feel strong, active, and mindful at the same time.’

Not only has Nanna seen improvement in her yoga practice from practicing so frequently, she has also noticed a remarkable difference in the way her mind handles stress. Yoga relieves her; it calms her and allows her to feel less stressed out in situations. With every additional class she takes, she becomes even more aware of her posture, giving her more insight into her body. Through this added insight, she is able to challenge herself more and more each time.

Now that the challenge is over, Nanna hopes to continue practicing at least 4 times a week. ‘It’s almost a need I have now,’ she says. Nanna hasn’t gone more than 2 days without a yoga class ever since!

These challenges can give such valuable insight into the self. By practicing so frequently and continuing to keep your mind focused for that one hour each day, the mind creates so much more space to step back and notice situations, slowing down the reaction time to jump into negative thoughts.

We will have another competition soon, but feel free to challenge yourself on your own. Why not?

Congratulations Nanna, we look forward to seeing you at the studio 🙂

With love,

Your Hot Yoga Copenhagen Team